What You Need to Know About WMS Slots (Williams Interactive)







Williams Interactive: A Brief History

WMS (Williams Interactive) might be a new name to the world of online slots, but it is definitely not new to the gambling industry.

What most people don’t know is that Williams Interactive is actually a subsidiary of WMS Industries, a company whose history in the gambling world can be traced way back to 1943. This is the era when pinball machines ruled supreme; founder Harry Williams is known to be the inventor of the “tilt” mechanism for pinball, a mechanism which is still in use in a lot of modern machines today.

After its success with pinball, WMS Industries dabbled into other gaming ventures. In the 1990s, its most popular arcade offerings were Mortal Kombat (a beat-em up fighting video game made in the same vein as titles such as Street Fighter) and NBA Jam. These video games, which were produced through another previous subsidiary called WMS Gaming, were a hit in their own right… but it is with slot machines that WMS Industries have made their mark with on the gambling world. To this day, the company’s land-based slot machine offerings like Jackpot Party, Reel em In, and Bier Haus continue to draw in players in casinos all over the country. WMS also offers brand-tied machines such as Monopoly, Wizard of Oz, Star Trek, and Bruce Lee.

Foraying Into the World of Online SlotsZeus III slot

In 2012, WMS was founded from WMS’s acquiring of two gaming development companies: Jadestone Group AB and Phantom EFX. The “Interactive” in the new company’s name marked a change in focus– instead of land-based games, this new venture would put most of their efforts into developing and making games for the online audience.

Among the first games that WMS had launched is the Facebook casino game Jackpot Party Casino, which continues to draw in players to this very day. A quick look at one of their affiliates at http://www.gamblingmetropolis.com/wms-slots/ shows that it has tons of titles in its slot machine games roster. The whole library is intently focused on providing players with different slot machine experiences that there’s bound to be a slot machine game on the WMS roster that is perfectly catered to your whims and preferences. You have slots games with innovative features such as cascading spinning reels, free spins, bonus rewards, interactive rounds, and many more gameplay mechanics that you can’t find in traditional slot machines.

Why are WMS Slot Machines So Good?Aladdin WMS slots

Simple. The company is good at what they do because they’ve already been doing it for a long time. With nearly 70 years of gaming experience under its belt, the company knows exactly what makes players “tick” and incorporate it into the slot games that they produce. They know all of the ins and outs of the game, and know exactly when to innovate to prevent players from getting bored. Coupled this with the fact that the company likes variety (there are “classic” slot games, slots with extended plays, slots with different gameplay mechanics, etcetera) and you’ve got yourself a clear winner.

WMS slots games are also popular among the public due to the fact that most players are assured not to go home empty handed whenever they play. The payout rate for most WMS slot games are high, and you’re bound to either hit a specified payout or a bonus reward in just a short period of time playing. And since most games are networked together in a progressive jackpot pool, there’s also a huge chance that you might take home a big prize that any other land based slot machine cannot match.

Overall Verdict

Williams Interactive is clearly one of the leading pioneers in online slots and the quality of their games is a clear indication of this fact. You won’t even have to worry about security when you’re playing. All of the company’s games are licensed, and the management itself puts a high premium on fairness, player security, and privacy. Your plays and transactions are all protected with the latest in encryption technology.

If you over find yourself itching for a round of online slots, make sure to play a Williams Interactive slots game. It’s among the best online slots experiences that you can ever get on the net.